Emergency preparedness

How do we prevent and manage incidents?
Lundin Petroleum’s emergency preparedness is tested on an ongoing basis together with contractors. This is done through regular emergency response drills conducted in all operations, and at least one drill per operation and per year is conducted with the corporate crisis management team. Throughout the year internal and third party audits on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are conducted as well as HSE management systems reviews, in order to identify potential safety issues and to ensure that a sound HSE management is in place.



Finding common solutions to ensure emergency response and high levels of safety.
Lundin Petroleum’s subsidiary in Norway has joined four other oil companies in a collaborative venture to find common solutions to responsible exploration in the southern Barents Sea. The project, called BaSEC (Barents Sea Exploration Collaboration) connects leading oil companies to work together to find solutions that lead to robust exploration activity in the Barents Sea. Through sharing of data, cost-effective solutions, increased collaboration and coordination, the companies aim to contribute to high levels of safety and emergency response.

BaSEC was originally established by Lundin Norway, Equinor, Eni Norge, OMV and GDF Suez and has expanded to a total of 16 participating companies.

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