Developing oil and gas resources efficiently and responsibly for a sustainable and low carbon energy future

Responsible conduct and business success go hand in hand. Our business model rests on our commitment to carry out our activities in an efficient and responsible manner for the long-term benefit of our shareholders and society.

Alex Schneiter
President and CEO

“Operating with one of the lowest carbon intensities in the industry”

Oil and gas will continue to play a key role in the future energy mix and we believe that our industry must be part of the solution for making global energy systems sustainable for future generations.

The challenge that lies ahead is to continue to develop and produce oil and gas in the most carbon efficient way possible. Thanks to carbon mitigation technology and improved emissions management, Lundin Petroleum operates with one of the lowest carbon intensity levels in the industry.

With a strategic focus on Norway, we operate in a world class governance environment that gives us a competitive edge in providing low carbon intensity and responsibly managed energy resources which confirms our view that good business goes hand in hand with sustainable practices.

Code of Conduct

Achieving excellence in all parts of our business is a key driving force for Lundin Petroleum. We apply the same professional and responsible approach to people, the environment and society as we do in our exploration and production of oil and gas.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the principles that all employees are required to follow, from the rig floor to Board level, to ensure that we meet that commitment.


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Sustainability reporting

We believe in transparency and report to our stakeholders the actions we take to meet our commitments. The reporting also gives us better visibility of our performance which helps us to continue improve our sustainable practices.

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