Lundin Petroleum has 2P reserves of 726.3 million barrels of oil equivalent

Lundin Petroleum had 726.3 million barrels oil equivalent (MMboe) of reserves at the end of 2017.

Lundin Petroleum is predominantly an oil company with 96 percent of its reserves being oil and 77 percent of the reserves being located in Johan Sverdrup field.

Reserves End 2016 714.1 MMboe
– 2016 Production
– Sales / + Acquisitions
+ Revisions
-31.9 MMboe
-1.7 MMboe
+45.8 MMboe
Reserves End 2017 726.3 MMboe
Reserves replacement 144%
The reserves were calculated using a Brent oil price in real 2016 terms of USD 50 per barrel in 2016, 62 in 2017, 66 in 2018, 72 in 2019, and 75 thereafter.
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