Norway – Alvheim Area

Continuous reserves growth in the Alvheim Area has seen ultimate recoverable reserve estimates increase by over 90 percent since PDO.

The Alvheim, Volund and Bøyla fields are located in the Alvheim area in the central North Sea and make up an important part of Lundin Petroleum’s production base. Alvheim came on stream in 2008, followed by Volund in 2010, while the Bøyla field started production in 2015.

Production from all three fields is routed to the Alvheim FPSO production vessel, which is owned by the partners in the Alvheim field. Oil is processed and stored on the FPSO before being buoy-loaded to tankers. The gas is routed by pipeline via the British SAGE system (Scottish Area Gas Evacuation) to St. Fergus in Scotland. Production levels from the Alvheim Area have exceeded expectations since start-up due to excellent reservoir properties and very high uptime for the Alvheim FPSO. Estimates for ultimate recoverable reserves from the Alvheim Area have increased considerably compared with the PDO estimate as a result of improved reservoir understanding, new well locations and production optimisation.

The Alvheim field consists of the Kameleon, Boa, Kneler and Øst Kameleon hydrocarbon deposits. Boa is partly located on the UK shelf. In addition, the Viper/Kobra accumulations, which commenced production in 2016, have been developed as a subsea tieback to the Volund subsea facility.

Both the Volund field and the Bøyla field were developed as subsea tiebacks to the Alvheim FPSO.

Two recent discoveries in the Frosk area have opened up new potential near the Bøyla field. Further appraisal and production testing will take place during 2019 as well as an additional exploration well.

Key figures 
Gross 2P reserves Alvheim (31 Dec 2017):111 MMboe
Gross 2P reserves Volund (31 Dec 2017)23 MMboe
Gross 2P reserves Bøyla (31 Dec 2017):9 MMboe
Location Alvheim:Blocks 24/6 and 25/4
Location Volund:Block 24/9
Location Bøyla:Block 24/9
Hydrocarbon type:Oil and gas
Discovery wells Alvheim:24/6-2 Kameleon (1998), 25/4-7 Kneler, 24/6-4T2 Boa
Discovery well Volund:24/9-5 (1994) and 24/9-7 (2004)
Discovery well Bøyla:24/9-9 (2009)
Production start Alvheim:2008
Production start Volund: 20102010
Production start Bøyla: 20152015
Alvheim field partnership:Aker BP (op. 65%), Lundin Norway (15%), ConocoPhillips (20%)
Volund field partnership:Aker BP (op. 65%), Lundin Norway 35%
Bøyla field partnership:Aker BP (op. 65%), Lundin Norway (15%), Point Resources (20%)
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