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Bank/Broker Analyst Contact
ABG Sundal Collier Karl Fredrik Schjøtt-Pedersen Email
ABN AMRO Thijs Berkelder Email
Arctic Securities Daniel Stenslet Email
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Rafal Gutaj Email
Barclays Bank James Hosie Email
BMO Capital Markets David Round Email
Carnegie Oddvar Bjørgan Email
Citigroup Global Market Michael Alsford Email
Danske Bank Christian Yggeseth Email
DNB Markets Jon Masdal Email
Exane BNP Paribas Alwyn Thomas Email
Fearnley Gudmund Hartveit Email
Goldman Sachs International Duncan Milligan Email
Handelsbanken Capital Markets Johannes Grunselius Email
Jefferies International Limited Mark Wilson Email
JP Morgan James Thompson Email
Morgan Stanley Chilukuru Sasikanth Email
Nordea Christian Kopfer Email
Pareto Securities Johan Spetz Email
Royal Bank of Canada Al Stanton Email
Scotia Capital Gavin Wylie Email
SEB Enskilda Halvor Strand Nygård Email
Spare Bank 1 Teodor Sveen-Nilsen Email
Stifel Robin Haworth Email
TD Securities Shahin Amini Email
UBS Amy Wong Email
Wood Mackenzie Greg Roddick Email

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