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Who we are

Lundin Petroleum is a Swedish independent oil and gas company with a proven track record of finding, developing and producing oil and gas resources.
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Our vision

Our vision is to grow a profitable upstream exploration and production company, focused on core areas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the long term benefit of our shareholders and society.
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Our people

Lundin Petroleum’s integrated teams of geoscientists and technical experts have produced a creative way of analysing data, adopting a visionary approach to oil and gas exploration.
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Our responsibility

Lundin Petroleum is committed to carry out its worldwide operations in a responsible manner. This means that both strategic decisions and field activities take into consideration potential impacts on people and the environment.
Investors Historical tax pools

February 2017

The attached file contains important information relevant for building financial models on Lundin Petroleum.

  • A high-level explanation of the fiscal regimes (Tax/Royalty and PSC) in the countries of operations for Lundin Petroleum
  • Year-end cost recovery pools for PSC modelling
  • Depreciation schedules for tax/royalty modelling and PSC modelling
  • Year-end tax loss positions for tax regimes modelling
  • Contracted gas price

For further information please contact:

Teitur Poulsen, VP Corporate Planning & Investor Relations
Rebecca Gordon, Group Economics Manager