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Who we are

Lundin Petroleum is a Swedish independent oil and gas company with a proven track record of finding, developing and producing oil and gas resources.
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Our vision

Our vision is to grow a profitable upstream exploration and production company, focused on core areas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the long term benefit of our shareholders and society.
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Our people

Lundin Petroleum’s integrated teams of geoscientists and technical experts have produced a creative way of analysing data, adopting a visionary approach to oil and gas exploration.
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Our responsibility

Lundin Petroleum is committed to carry out its worldwide operations in a responsible manner. This means that both strategic decisions and field activities take into consideration potential impacts on people and the environment.
The Company Corporate governance

Guiding Principles of Corporate Governance
Lundin Petroleum is an independent Swedish oil and gas exploration and production company with a focus on two core areas, Norway and Malaysia, and with assets in France, the Netherlands and Russia as well. Lundin Petroleum maintains an efficient Group structure that currently consists of approximately 30 companies in eight jurisdictions. The ultimate parent company of the Group is the Swedish public limited liability company Lundin Petroleum AB (publ). Lundin Petroleum currently employs worldwide approximately 600 highly experienced oil and gas professionals representing 24 nationalities.

Lundin Petroleum maintains an exploration focus seeking to generate long-term value for all shareholders, as well as other stakeholders, and has, since its creation in 2001, been guided by general principles of corporate governance to:
  • Protect shareholder rights
  • Provide a safe and rewarding working environment to all employees
  • Abide by applicable laws and best industry practice
  • Carry out its activities competently and sustainably
  • Sustain the well-being of local communities in its areas of operations

Lundin Petroleum adheres to principles of corporate governance found in both internal and external rules and regulations. As a Swedish public limited company listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, Lundin Petroleum is subject to the Swedish Companies Act and the Annual Accounts Act, as well as the Rule Book for Issuers of NASDAQ Stockholm, which can be found on

In addition, the Company abides by principles of corporate governance found in a number of internal and external documents.

Main external rules and regulations for corporate governance at Lundin Petroleum:
  • Swedish Companies Act
  • Swedish Annual Accounts Act
  • The NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Rule Book for Issuers
  • Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

Main internal rules and regulations for corporate governance at Lundin Petroleum:
  • The Articles of Association
  • The Code of Conduct
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • The HSE Management System (Green Book)
  • The Rules of Procedure of the Board, instructions to the CEO and for the financial reporting to the Board and the terms of reference of the Board Committees and the Investment Committee

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