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The Company Board of directors » Ian Lundin

Ian Lundin, Lundin Petroleum Board member

Other board assignments include: 

Chairman of:
· Etrion Corporation
Board member of:
· Bukowski Auktioner AB

Ian Lundin

Chairman of the Board since 2002
Member of the Nomination Committee
and the Compensation Committee
Director and CEO 2001-2002

Born in 1960, Ian Lundin graduated from Tulsa University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Upon graduation, he joined Wintershall AG where he worked as a drilling engineer.

In 1984 he joined International Petroleum Corporation ("IPC"), working in a variety of operations roles he oversaw exploration projects in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Oman and the U.A.E. In 1990 he was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of IPC.

In 1998, Sands Petroleum AB and IPC merged to form Lundin Oil AB and Mr. Lundin was appointed CEO. Following the $480million takeover of Lundin Oil by Talisman Energy in 2001, Lundin Petroleum was formed and Mr. Lundin was appointed CEO. In May 2002 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Lundin Petroleum AB

Ian Lundin is the settlor of a trust that holds indirectly 10,638,956 shares in Lundin Petroleum and he is a member of the Lundin family that holds, through a family trust, Lorito Holdings (Guernsey) Ltd. which holds 76,342,895 shares in the Company and Zebra Holdings and Investment (Guernsey) Ltd. which holds 10,844,643 shares in the Company.

Ian Lundin is in the Nomination Committee's and the Company's opinion independent of the Company and Group management, however, not independent of the Company's major shareholders due to the Lundin family's shareholding in the Company.