Vision and Strategy

Lundin Petroleum’s business model is to generate sustainable long-term value in all stages of the value chain

Lundin Petroleum is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with a principal focus on operations in Norway.

Lundin Petroleum seeks to generate sustainable long-term value in all stages of the upstream oil and gas value chain. Lundin Petroleum has developed the capacity and competence to take exploration success through to the production phase. This is clearly demonstrated with the delivery of the Edvard Grieg project, which was completed safely, on schedule and on budget.

Our vision is to grow a profitable upstream exploration and production company focused on organic growth, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the long-term benefit of our shareholders and society.

Lundin Petroleum is pursuing the following strategy:

  • Proactively investing in exploration to organically grow its reserve base. Lundin Petroleum has an inventory of drillable prospects with large upside potential and continues to actively pursue new exploration acreage in core areas..
  • Growing its existing asset base with a proactive subsurface strategy to enhance ultimate hydrocarbon recovery.
  • Acquiring new hydrocarbon reserves, resources and exploration acreage where opportunities exist to enhance value.

Lundin Petroleum is responsible towards:

  • shareholders, to realise and sustain a good return on investment and a continuing growth of its asset base.
  • employees, to provide a safe and rewarding working environment.
  • host countries, owners of the resources, to find and produce oil and gas professionally, efficiently and responsibly.
  • local communities, to contribute to local development and higher living standards.
  • society, to contribute to wealth generation while minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.
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