Shareholders’ Meetings

The Shareholders’ Meeting is the highest decision-making body of Lundin Petroleum where the shareholders exercise their voting rights and influence the business of the Company. Shareholders may request that a specific issue be included in the agenda provided such request reaches the Board in due time. The AGM is to be held each year before the end of June at the seat of the Board in Stockholm. The notice of the AGM, which is to be given no more than six and no less than four weeks prior to the meeting, is to be announced in the Swedish Gazette (Post- och Inrikes Tidningar) and on the Company’s website. The documentation for the AGM is provided on the Company’s website in Swedish and in English at the latest three weeks, however usually four weeks, before the AGM. At the AGM, the shareholders decide on a number of key issues regarding the governance of the Company, such as election of the members of the Board and the statutory auditor, the remuneration of the Board, management and the statutory auditor, including approval of the Policy on Remuneration, discharge of the Board members and the CEO from liability and the adoption of the annual accounts and appropriation of the Company’s result. Extraordinary General Meetings are held as and when required for the operations of the Company.

Lundin Petroleum AB’s AGM will be held on 31 March 2020 in the “Vinterträdgården” at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

2020 Annual General Meeting in Stockholm – 31 March 2020
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