Alex Budden

Vice President Communications

Alex Budden is responsible for delivering Lundin Petroleum’s Communications strategies across the business.

Born in the United Kingdom, Alex Budden holds a degree in Sociology & Criminology from Bristol University. In his previous careers he has served as a British police officer and then as a Diplomat for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for 21 years. He has served in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, the Balkans and North America and specialised in international security, energy and environmental issues, crisis management, complex stakeholder management and strategic communications work.

From 2012 to 2017 he was VP External Relations for Africa Oil and Africa Energy and, for the same period, he was Director of the Lundin Foundation, which advises on sustainable business activities and delivers social impact investments on behalf of Lundin family companies.

Alex Budden was appointed Vice President Communications for Lundin Petroleum in April 2017.

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