Other board assignments include:

Chair of:
· Africa Energy Corp.

Board member of:
· Lundin Gold Inc.
· Filo Mining Corp.
· International Petroleum Corp.

Ashley Heppenstall

Director since 2001
Member of the Audit Committee

Born in England in 1962, Ashley Heppenstall is a graduate of Durham University where he obtained a degree in Mathematics.

From 1984 until 1990, he worked in the banking sector where he was involved in project financing of oil and mining businesses. In 1990, Mr. Heppenstall was a founding director and shareholder of Sceptre Management Limited.

Mr. Heppenstall has worked with public companies associated with the Lundin family since 1993. In 1998 he was appointed Finance Director of Lundin Oil AB. Following the acquisition of Lundin Oil by Talisman Energy in 2001, Lundin Petroleum was formed and he was appointed President & Chief Executive Officer in 2002 until he stood down in 2015.

Ashley Heppenstall holds 1,542,618 shares in Lundin Petroleum through investment company Rojafi.

Ashley Heppenstall is in the Nomination Committee’s and the Company’s opinion, as the Company’s previous President and CEO until 30 September 2015, not independent of the Company and Group management and further not independent of the Company’s major shareholders as he is a director of companies in which entities associated with the Lundin family hold ten percent or more of the share capital and voting rights.

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