Statutory Auditor

Lundin Petroleum’s statutory auditor audits annually the Company’s financial statements, the consolidated financial statements, the Board’s and the CEO’s administration of the Company’s affairs and reports on the Corporate Governance Report. The auditor also performs a review of the Company’s half year report and issues a statement regarding the Company’s compliance with the Policy on Remuneration approved by the AGM. The Board of Directors meets at least once a year with the auditor without any member of Group management present at the meeting. In addition, the auditor participates regularly in Audit Committee meetings, in particular in connection with the Company’s half year and year end reports. Group entities outside of Sweden are audited in accordance with local rules and regulations.

At the 2019 AGM, the audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AB was elected as the auditor of the Company for a period of one year until the 2020 AGM. The auditor in charge is the authorised public accountant Johan Rippe.

Johan Rippe
Born 1968
Auditor in charge
Authorised Public Accountant
PwC AB, Gothenburg

Johan Malmqvist
Born 1975
Authorised Public Accountant
PwC AB, Gothenburg

Independent Qualified Reserves Auditor
Lundin Petroleum’s independent qualified reserves auditor audits annually the Company’s oil and gas reserves and certain contingent resources, i.e. the Company’s core assets, although such assets are not included in the Company’s balance sheet. The auditor meets at least once a year with Group management to discuss the reserves reporting and the audit process, and provides a yearly report on reserves data. The current auditor is ERC-Equipoise Ltd.

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