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The Company Board of directors » Lukas H. Lundin

Lukas Lundin, Lundin Petroleum board member

Other board assignments include:

Chairman of:
· Lundin Mining Corp
· Denison Mines Corp.
· Lucara Diamond Corp.
· NGEx Resources Inc.
· Sirocco Mining Inc.
· Lundin Foundation
· Bukowski Auktioner AB

Board member of:
· Fortress Minerals Corp

Lukas Lundin

Director since 2001

Born in 1958, Lukas Lundin was raised in Stockholm, Sweden and educated at the Ecole Internationale de Genève in Switzerland. In 1981, Mr. Lundin graduated from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (engineering).

At age 25, Mr. Lundin headed International Petroleum Corporation’s extensive and rapidly growing international operations and was based in the Company’s technical office in Dubai, U.A.E. for over 12 years. From 1990 to June 1995, Mr. Lundin was President of International Musto Exploration Limited and was responsible for Musto’s acquisition of the Bajo de la Alumbrera deposit. Bajo de la Alumbrera was the subject of a $500 million takeover by Rio Algom and North Limited and is now one of the largest gold/copper producers in the world. Mr. Lundin was also responsible for Argentina Gold and the discovery of the multi-million ounce Veladero gold deposit. Veladero was the subject of a $300 million takeover by Homestake in 1999. In addition, Mr. Lundin was a senior Director of Lundin Oil AB and was instrumental in the $480 million takeover of Lundin Oil by Talisman Energy in 2001. Mr. Lundin is currently Chairman of Denison Mines Corp. and Lundin Mining Corporation where he recently led both companies through multi-billion dollar mergers.

Mr. Lundin currently serves as a director of a number of publicly traded natural resource-based companies. He has a growing list of accomplishments, including raising hundreds of millions of dollars for exploration projects, and developing huge resource discoveries into production as principal of the Lundin Group of mining and oil and gas companies. Mr. Lundin balances out his abundant energy by participating in extreme sports such as the Paris Dakar motorcycle race, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and extreme skiing. He combined his love for extreme sports with his global awareness of critical issues to make a positive impact in Africa by riding a motorcycle from Cairo to Cape Town in 2006, creating the Lundin for Africa Foundation in the process. Recently, in June 2007, he completed a motorcycle tour through 10 countries from Istanbul, Turkey to Ulaanbattar, Mongolia. As the visionary for Lundin for Africa, Mr. Lundin follows in the adventurous spirit of his late father, Adolf Lundin, who was one of the first entrepreneurs to realize the multiple opportunities Africa presents. The Lundins have been working actively in Africa for more than thirty years.

Historical connections with the Lundin Family and other assignments:
Lukas Lundin is the first child of Adolf Lundin.He owns 788,331 shares in Lundin Petroleum and is a member of the Lundin family that holds, through a family trust, Lorito Holdings (Guernsey) Ltd. which holds 76,342,895 shares in the Company and Zebra Holdings and Investment (Guernsey) Ltd. which holds 10,844,643 shares in the Company.